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If I were to name a favourite day of the year, this would be it.  There is something about Christmas Eve for me that says all is right–even when everything outside has seemed wrong.  It is the one day that it can all be laid aside, and we can surrender to good food, happy company and the sheer bliss of anticipation.

Christmas Eve compresses all of our hopes for Christmas in the solemn mystery of these darkest nights.  It gently wraps us despite our feeble attempts to bring brightness.  

In these final days of the year, I am only too aware of the previous 365 that have sped by.  I think of the journeys we’ve made, the people we’ve met and the food we’ve shared.  I am so grateful for these times and the people who have literally changed my world.

So wherever you are, take a minute today and know you’re in our hearts and we wish you happiness and Christmas peace.