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I’ve got a cool book called 344 Questions: the Creative Person’s Do-it-Yourself Guide to Insight, Survival and Artistic Fulfillment by the talented Stefan G. Bucher on my night table.   The questions are deceptively simple, “Where Are You Now?” so I get sucked in easily.

Now, as my good friend Liz Murray says, the middle of Production is NOT the time to make meaningful life changes.  I don’t disagree with her.  The dark truth is that sometimes surviving production requires that we need to do something, so if not life changes, call it what you will.

Last night I was working through one of the pages.  Here’s how it went.  “What do you hope for?”  Easy, the list is endless, right?  World Peace, Inner Peace, the Eradication of all Plagues and Pestilence.  Then there it was, “How do you define the difference between a Hope and a Goal?”  Shazam, an instant synapse.

Hope.  It is the desire to be rescued.  It makes me the object of the exercise and not the subject.  Hope means that someone or something “out there” is going to make this happen for me, and I will live happily ever after.

But a Goal.  That is something completely different.  Goals require me to take action.  I must consider where I am and where I want to be.  With that in mind, I need to stake out missions to achieve the objective, or end up on the wrong side due to high winds, but that’s okay too, it is part of my journey.

Hopes are fine.  Noble, honest maybe even our North Star.  But as some might suggest, hope is dead.  It is up to us, to breath life into it by making it a goal.