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It’s December.  One of the hardest things to navigate is the excessiveness.  It is a holiday hazard.  Five presents, why not six?  Two cookies, another won’t hurt.  Why put up one tree when two would be so much cosier?  December is bottomless, happily, not in a nude beach kind of way.

That’s why some of us resort to the list.  It is a three dimensional road map to navigate us forwards or backwards not to mention side to side through time. Without it, my brain whirls constantly and I have a strong feeling that I am forgetting everything.

There is a danger to the mighty list though.  My efficiency spikes.  I can get everything I need in one stop to the store or I can group my online orders and save on shipping.  I am bedazzled by my own efficiency.  Then I look again at the list, and knowing its power to grant my wishes, I begin to add to it.  My list is bottomless.

You all should be shouting “Stop, please STOP!” by now.  And I will do the same for you if you ask me to.

The purpose of the list is to free up our brains and our time to enjoy the holidays, not to create our own self-perpetuating monster.  Check out this video by Tony Swartz, called The Myths of the Overworked Creative.  It is long, about 30 minutes, but it is life changing.  He tells us clearly that if we want to keep stomping forward with continued productivity, doing and making fabulous things, we also recharge and rejuvenate ourselves so we have the energy and the brain capacity.

It should be the last thing on your list.