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When I was a kid there was a series of public services announcements that aired during cartoons called “HELP!”.  It was an animated acronym for Dr Henry’s Emergency Lessons for People.  I think it gave first aid tips to kids, but what’s a grown up to do when they need HELP?

I called the cleaning lady.  I work full time plus.  I parent two great kids. This year I serve on the PAC at their school.  Extra minutes are sucked up by promoting a tv series we’re producing that has little budget for social media.  Things around the house are making me crazy.

The interesting part is that I cannot mention calling the cleaning lady without justifying it repeatedly in my own mind and to others.  Why?  I don’t feel the same way about paying the mechanic to change my oil, although in theory I could do it myself. Why is housework any different?

A completely separate issue is that I then felt compelled to tidy my house before the cleaning lady came.   Maybe I do need Dr Henry after all.  Help!