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“You should have known better.”

It was what I said to my girl child after a business trip that she stayed with my parents.  I was getting the news and stories from my absence.  She had been carsick the night before because she played her DS in the back of the van.

She turned away from me and stared out the window.  We hugged when we got out of the car and I tucked her into bed that night.  I didn’t think anything more of it.

After our trip home and she spent a few days with her Dad, I was putting her to bed again.  As I was turning out the lights she said, “You didn’t say it was okay.”

 “Sorry, sweets?”

 “You didn’t say it was okay that I was carsick, you always tell me it’s okay,” her voice quivered a little.

Oh.  Wow.  First of all she listens to me when I say it will be okay.  That means something to her.

Second, I had missed one.  I had hurt her feelings and not even realized it.

I am so grateful for this child who can express her feelings to identify the ruptures and pursue repairs, especially when it’s me who should have known better.